Kangaroos_Down_Under_Cover_for_KindleChildren will love this delightful and informative book about the unusual and captivating kangaroo from down under. Read about the kangaroo’s habitat as well as the characteristics that make each species unique and well-adapted to his environment. Learn interesting facts about the kangaroo’s habits, size and weight, body styles and colors as well as what makes them well adapted to live in the outback of Australia and New Guinea. Discover how baby joeys get their start in life, how large each species of kangaroo can become and how far they can hop. This book is a great read-aloud for kids and parents to enjoy together. Older children from 4th grade and up can read this book on their own and even use the information to generate reports for school about the amazing kangaroo. Includes a dozen full color images of these amazing creatures for you to study and admire as you read.


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